All new 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE 350+

On The world of car manufacturer, if there is one name every car enthusiast think/talk about then it’s surely the one and only Mercedes. From making luxurious sedan to exclusive luxurious SUVs and amazing power pack like G WAGON, Mercedes came a long way till this journey. While leaving its name mark on car manufacturers list at number one place, it has been promoting the use of renewable energy too. Supporting this save planet journey, Mercedes have been launching unbelievable luxurious vehicles on electric segment too. Moving forward on this journey Mercedes is planning to launch its new electric sedan which is nor less than any other petrol/diesel cars it has been developing whether it be on power, performance or luxury. There is no shortage of sophisticated electric vehicles hitting the market today, but many consumers remain wary as each vehicle seems to carry a burden of risks and trade-offs. The all-new Mercedes-Benz EQE 350+ 2023, a luxury sedan from a long-established automaker with a proven history of innovation, is the electric sedan many of us have been waiting for.

Today we will be looking after the new launch from Mercedes on electric sedan segment the all-new 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE 350+.


The all-new Mercedes-Benz EQE 350+ 2023 is an all-electric mid-size, sophisticated, luxury sedan that exceeds expectations in terms of technical innovation, passenger comfort, dynamism and safety.  It’s the electric sedan many of us have been waiting for.

On the road, the EQE 350+ features a sophisticated drive that has long been associated with Mercedes-Benz 3-star performance. German car makers have been manufacturing cars for almost 140 years, and the car makers have shown their technical experience and capabilities on this EV too.

The EQE 350+ is a luxury sedan that offers all the promises of technology, comfort, driving dynamics and safety in special EV segment. And for peace of mind, Mercedes-Benz is sturdy enough to support the vehicle with an experienced national dealer network that is larger than its competitors, so personalized service and support for those unfamiliar with the experience of owning an electric vehicle can undoubtly go for it.

Design of 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE 350+

Sculpted by the wind, the EQE features all the hallmarks of the EQ Series branding, including a single forward arc design, distinguished by its signature black front panel. While that could be confused with the slightly taller EQS, the EQE is about 9 inches shorter overall, but its wheelbase is reduced by just 3.5 inches (thus preserving space for passengers). And while the five-door EQS has a rear hatch, the four-door EQE retains the more traditional fixed windows and trunk. As a result, the EQE looks more natural and appealing – less bulbous – and its proportions are sportier and easier on the eyes.

The chassis feels like it’s been sculpted from a single ingot of alloy – hard and stiff – making it a great foundation for four-link front suspension and multi-link rear suspension – the bumps and harsh is non-existent. In addition, Mercedes offers the excellent AIRMATIC air suspension with ADS+ adaptive damping, which further improves the driving journey for the most demanding passengers. Thanks to impressive aerodynamics the cabin is quiet, with only the distant wind on the windows.

Dynamically, the EQE 350+ is a luxury sedan that prefers to spoil and isolate passengers rather than exposing them to real-world irregularities. The steering is tuned for separation rather than road feel, and the suspension is tuned for comfort rather than a sharp turn-in like a razor. The car is very stable in the corners-the low center of gravity gives a lot of confidence-but the ultimate lateral support is limited by the low rolling resistance tires and the mass of the car over 2 tons. The optional rear axle steering system provides up to 10 degree rear axle steering, improving agility and maneuverability in almost all driving situations (this is highly recommended). Despite the feel of a slightly synthetic pedal, braking is powerful, but the energy recovery system is sophisticated and seamless.

Infotainment of 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE 350+

The five-seater cabin is more spacious than the combustion E-Class, and in design it mimics the EQS – the interior is nicely sculpted and airy without feeling claustrophobic (the dashboard is tilted towards the passenger) front passenger). Expected to have a 12.3-inch digital display seen over the steering wheel, complemented by a standard 12.8-inch central touchscreen – the passenger side of the dashboard is left clean. and neat. Those who want a little more flash will choose the large 56.0-inch MBUX Hyper Display to offload images and data.

Of particular note is EQE’s technology, which leads the class in terms of innovation and scope. The sedan features a new generation MBUX multimedia system with navigation and natural language understanding and keyword activation (starting commands using “Hey Mercedes”) and a fingerprint sensor for biometrics (up to 7). You can save one profile). With wireless smartphone integration and wireless charging pad, KEYLESS GO and KEYLESS START make EQE approaching, unlocking and driving away an elegant process.


Interior of 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE 350+

The seating position is almost 3 inches higher than that of the E-Class. However, visibility to the outside is not improved as the EQE’s cockpit is more enclosed – the dash lines and shoulders are higher and the windshield is not wide (view through the rear-view mirror is limited up and down due to lack of space). scratched rear glass). There’s no need to worry, though, as a full range of driver aids and sensors – cutting-edge technology – ensure drivers are well aware of the outside environment.

The front seats are supportive and comfortable (easy-to-use seat controls remain on the door panel, which is marked as a tradition of Mercedes-Benz). The door and center console have ample storage space for personal electronics and hydration. The sloping roof makes getting in and out of the back seats a bit more difficult for tall passengers, but it doesn’t interfere with the deal. The backseat – with a snug bolster – is optimized for two people, but the third passenger does not feel uncomfortable in the central position on a short trip. The seat back is folded at a ratio of 40:20:40 for convenience.

Power of the 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE 350+

The Mercedes-Benz EQE350 + is equipped with an electric powertrain (eATS) with a single permanent magnet synchronous motor (PSM) on the rear axle that passes through a single speed gearbox. The motor of this EV is rated at 288 hp producing the torques of 391 lb-ft (the EQE 500 4MATIC will have two power motors and 402 hp later this year). The benchmark from 0 to 60 mph sprint takes about 6 seconds and the vehicle is electronically limited to 130 mph (marked as a good part as Mercedes is looking after safety of its customer). These performance figures reflect the fuel powered E350.

Acceleration from a standstill is powerful and is always an advantage of EVs. This is because the torque of the electric motor initiates EQE quickly, despite a curve weight of over 5,200 pounds. Joining traffic and overtaking slow vehicles is an easy task and does not delay the transmission to speed up or get into the right gear. Through Dynamic Select, Mercedes offers a variety of driving modes (comfort, sport, eco, individual) and playback modes, from super-efficient to sporty-drivers’ needs or urge.

Battery of the 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE 350+

Under the fairing, EQE shares the Mercedes-Benz Electric Vehicle Architecture (EVA) platform with EQS, but EQE comes with a 10-module battery pack (unlike the EQS 12-module pack).). The EQE 350+ comes with 90.6kWh of battery pack which is said to offer a range of over 300 miles (no official EPA number announced).

Charging time of the 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE 350+

 Owners can easily charge the battery overnight with a Level two household charger, while EQE can be quickly recharged with a 170kW DC public charger. It takes about 30 minutes to recharge to 80% from the fast charger (DC charger).

Looking after the performance of this new EV from Mercedes, it is no less than any other performance cars made by Mercedes till date on any segment covering all the power urge of its consumers. Do give your opinion regarding the new EV being launch by Mercedes in 2023. Also any suggestions, recommendations for this website are highly appreciated. Thanks for giving us your valuable time.

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