Alfa Romeo also getting into Large EV Market, Ready to launch their car by 2027

alfa romeo | CEO of the company Jean Philippe Imparato has said that they are working on a EV car, and it be ready to launch by 2027.

He said “We will have to be in the E-segment in North America. We are working on that”. He just said that but he didn’t say anything about the car neither its special specifications nor anything.

We can expect it to be the best competitor for the BMW X5 which is one of the great car.

He added ” We will be a high performance EV ” and this EV will offer high speed charging we can expect to be at 80 volt charging. This car might give the maximum power of 350 – 850 horsepower and being an powerful sports car company we can expect and variant which can have the 1,000 horsepower.

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