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All-New Tata Tigor EV, Specifications and Features | Is it the best budget EV of 2023 ?

Tata Tigor EV, Tata has been giving out quite a good performing Electric cars and have been loved by the people, Nexon has been doing great in the electric car market and not they have announced their new electric car which is Tata tigor EV, in this article we are going to discuss the all-new tata tigor EV. So let’s start with the basics.


Tata tigor EV is provided with an electric motor engine, which is quite powerful. The transmission type in this electric car is automatic and is provided with a single-speed gearbox. It has a front-wheel-drive(FWD) train.

Body and Design

The body type of this electric car is a sedan. Tata tigor EV has a 5 seating capacity which is quite comfortable. The boot space is 316 liters which is also a good thing about this electric car.

Brakes, Steering, and Suspension

This EV comes with a front suspension an independent MacPherson strut with coil spring and the rear suspension is a twist-beam with dual path strut. The steering type is obviously electric. The front brake type is a disc and the rear brake type is Drum.

The brakes are quite good in this electric car, talking about the steering in this electric car the steering column is tilted and the turning radius is 5.1m.


Talking about the speed of of tigor EV, it has a speed of 80 kph according to autocarindia website, it can go from 0 to 60 at 5.7 seconds which is slow compared to other cars.

Battery and Range of Tata Tigor EV

You get a 26kWh high energy density lithium-ion battery with this electric car and the electric motor power is 55kw.

According to the tata official website this EV can charge from 0 to 80% with any 15A AC charging which means at home in 8 hours and 45 minutes and with the DC charging it can be charged from 0 to 80% in just 65 minutes which is appreciable.

Now let’s talk about the Range it can go up to 306km when fully charged.

Dimensions of Tata Tigor EV

The length of this EV is 3993mm, the width of this EV is 1677mm, and the height of this EV is around 1532mm.

Talking about the bootspace of this Electric car it is 316 liters.

The wheelbase is around 2450mm, the kerb weight is 1235 kg and there are 4 doors.

What is the ground clearance of the Tata Tigor EV?

The ground clearance of the tata tigor EV is 172mm which is quite not that bad. What do you think is good or bad let us know in the comment section below?


The interior is also quite good for the price it comes in, you get a premium light grey and black interior theme in all variant models, and you also get a premium full fabric seat. The roof is also knitted premium and linear.

Infotainment System In Tata Tigor EV

As a display, 17.78cm connectNext floating dash-top touchscreen infotainment from Harman, and the good thing is it is touchscreen. you also get an 8.89cm connectNext infotainment system which is from Harman.

The audio system is also provided by the Harman, you get a Harman sound system with 4 speakers and 4 tweeters.

For the complete information, you can check the image below from the official tata website.

Tata tigor EV
Screenshot from tigorev.tatamotors.com

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Price Of Tata Tigor EV (All Variants)

This Electric car is no doubt a good car for the price point it comes in, so talking about the price of Tata tigor EV it starts from 12.49 INR and goes up to 13.64 INR.

The XE (Electric) will cost you 12.49 lakhs, XM(Electric) will cost you 12.99 lakhs , XXZ plus (Electric ) will cost you 13.49 lakhs, and finally, the XZ Plus Dual Tone (Electric ) will cost you 13.64 lakhs.


  1. You get an Air conditioner.
  2. You also get adjustable steering.
  3. You do get a rear seat headrest.
  4. You get seat lumbar supports.
  5. 20+ vehicle health alerts are also provided.
  6. This electric car can also give you your driving behavior.


  1. You get a feature called find my car location.
  2. You also get a sensor for keyless entry.
  3. Smart access card entry is also provided with this car.

You get a two-drive mode.


So this was everything about this Electric car, I think this is quite a good car with the features it comes in, although there are some cons of this car it can be worth buying. What do you think about this electric car let us know in the comment section below?

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