BMW series 3 EV in 2025 – advanced EV with power packed performance

BMW series 3 EV IN 2025 is one of the most awaited electric vehicles for EV lovers. As BMW is a pioneer manufacturer in automobile industry, its products are always appreciable in any aspects be it design, performance, power and so on. BMW have already launched tens of thousands of vehicles till date on every segment whether it be Sedan, petrol powered, diesel powered or an electric powered sedan car. 

BMW have just announced new version of BMW I3 sedan in the Chinese market a while ago and now it is planning for the new BMW 3 series in electric segment. 

BMW have never let its customer disappointed in any terms on automobile. BMW mainly manufacture four-wheeler in sedan segment which are the most luxurious in their segment. Today in this article we will be looking deeply onto the new electric sedan from the leading automobile manufacturer – The new BMW  series 3.

This new BMW 3 series is one of the most awaited electric sedans in automobile industry as it is rumored to be a game changer EV in the industry also it is said to break supremacy of TESLA in EV segment. Let’s dig into the details of BMW 3 series electric car. 

Design of new BMW series 3 EV

BMW have never disappointed its customer in its style/design. Same goes with the new BMW 3 series EV. BMW is planning to use multi material formula in order to keep the weight of electric BMW 3 series to be as low as possible for best performance. Carbon fiber material will be one of the key materials to be used in BMW 3 series EV as it is light weight yet protective in nature. Accordingly aluminium and steels are to be used in the new BMW series 3 EV. 

As compared to BMW 3 series engine combustion model, an EV model will be somehow distinctive in nature as it will use the electric – first platform. It is said to be more futuristic in design as compared to older engine models. More advanced technology is to be used in BMW 3 series EV and more aggressive design will be made for this EV. 

According to some rumors, BMW is planning to bring this 3 series EV in both sedan as well as wagon variants. If BMW gives it a wagon design, it would really be a game changer for SUV industry in EV segment and can be a best- selling wagon unit in electric segment of automobile industry. 

Interior of BMW series 3 EV 

BMW series 3 EV

BMW produce one of the most appealing interior when it comes to automobile industry. BMW series 3 will also have some sick design in its interior. It might be somehow inspired from the BMW I vision which was showcased in 2021. 

To minimize rejects and waste, the concept relies on 3D printing to put excess material back into the material cycle in a targeted manner. Additionally, the new class platform also allows for a forward-facing cab design, making the cabin more airy. The 3 Series Electric may get a setback windshield header to improve the feeling of space in the cabin.

Electric specifications of BMW series 3 EV 

BMW is reportedly planning to sell the 3 Series Electric globally with two powertrain layouts, a single-motor RWD system and a dual-motor AWD system.  BMW eDrive technology is used here, consisting of a newly developed drive motor (including power electronics) and an 800-volt high-voltage battery. Autocar reports that the NK1 may have a range of over 435 miles. A DC charging power of 350kW allows the customer to charge from 10% to 80% in 20 minutes at the charging station.

BMW is investing resources in the development of Neue Klasse. This allows brands to focus on mass production and streamline processes for faster manufacturing and delivery times. NK also supports multiple powertrain layouts including FWD, RWD and AWD. Additionally, the NK can also allow multiple ride heights and support various wheel sizes from 18 to 22 inches. With this level of flexibility, future variants of the 3 Series may be designed with ride comfort, performance and even all-road capability in mind.

Launch date of BMW series 3 

BMW series 3 EV

A concept version of the BMW 3 Series Electric (“Vision” concept) is due next year before hitting dealer showrooms alongside the new iX3 in 2025. During the BMW Group H1 2022 results conference call, Zipse announced that the first new class of EVs will debut at IAA 2023, which takes place from 5 to 10 September 2023 in Munich, Germany.

Production of the first Neue Klasse will begin at a new electric vehicle factory in Debrecen, Hungary in 2025. A report from mentions that Debrecen will be the site of the next-generation BMW 3 Series. next and of the ones that follow. -gen BMW X3.

On June 1, 2022, the BMW Group announced that it has laid the groundwork for a new electric vehicle plant in Debrecen. It is a CO2-free “BMW iFactory” with press shop, body shop, paint shop and assembly line. It covers over 400 hectares northwest of Debrecen and has an annual production capacity of around 150,000 vehicles. This is after his investment of more than €1 billion, the factory will employ more than 1,000 people in the next two years. The manufacturing facility, which will begin operations in 2025, will not use fossil fuels and will rely solely on renewable energy for all energy needs.

Competetors launch of BMW series 3 

Xpeng will launch his entry-level P5 sedan in 2021, Nio will launch his Nio ET5 in September 2022, and Mercedes-Benz will launch its C-Class Electric, which is expected to go on sale in 2025. intend to do something, Ingolstadt is also planning the future Audi E4 (A4 electric). And did we mention the evolved Tesla Model 3?

Though other company launch will not really effect the launch of BMW series 3 at all cause of big fan base of BMW, many customer are waiting for its electric variant of BMW series whether it be a sedan variant or a SUV variant. 

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