BYD Atto 4 (BYD Seal) – Super EV from BYD

BYD Atto 4 also known as BYD seal is one of the most awaited EV from BYD – a leading four-wheeler manufacturer from china. BYD Atto 4(BYD seal) will be sold in China within the next few months and may be sold in the export market in early 2023. In this article we will be looking deep into the new concept EV from BYD – The new BYD Atto 4.

Design of BYD Atto 4 (BYD SEAL)

If you’ve seen Han EV, the seal may be familiar, but it has a unique exterior design inspired by the BYD Ocean concept. The most attractive design feature in the sun is the athletic proportions of the car, especially the tense rear end.

Front, Side and Rear design of BYD Atto 4 (BYD Seal)

BYD Atto 4 (BYD seal)

Front of BYD Atto 4 include a low bonnet, slim headlights with Renault-style C-shaped extensions underneath, smooth bumpers, an artistically designed slanted vertical side air intake, and a compact A-shaped lower air intake.

The new BYD Atto 4 flaunts a four-door-coupe appearance with a swish roofline and a bow-fashioned greenhouse. Arrow-fashioned applique at the front sector panels, flush door handles, easy sculpting at the doors, water drop-like motif at the C-pillars and shark gill-like inserts with inside the rocker panels are the alternative noteworthy components of the sides.

At the rear, the brand new electric powered sedan has a full-width taillamp paying homage to the Mercedes EQE, vertical facet air outlets, a diffuser-fashion bumper, and separate opposite lighting fixtures located along fog lighting fixtures at the bumper.

Overall, the only downside is the unconventional shape compared to rivals like the Tesla Model 3 and Nio ET5. However, the aerodynamic exterior will have a positive impact on energy consumption and cabin comfort. This can lead to longer battery life, and fewer charge cycles also means longer battery life. BYD will provide more than one alternative for the Seal`s frame kit, wheels, and brake calipers.

The new layout language aligns with international layout trends, to cause them to greater aggressive with inside the export markets as well. We have a look at introduced aggression, sportiness, sophistication, and an experience of top rate individual this is unique from the Dynasty models. The Seal must additionally be the maximum aerodynamic and green version with inside the Ocean line-up.

Interior of BYD Atto 4 (BYD Seal)

Talking about seating and comforts, BYD Atto 4(BYD Seal) provides premium seats for five occupants with ample side bolsters on the front and sporty seats with luxurious bench seats on the back. The model family’s ocean-themed light blue dominates the interior, while the white seats contrast with the light blue piping. The door handles are shaped like a shell, and the use of Alcantara enhances the premium appeal of the cabin. The low loading platform and wide opening make it easy to load luggage into the trunk on a flat floor.

Features of BYD Atto 4(BYD Seal)

The battery powered sedan features a minimalist interior with a variety of sea-themed elements in blue colors. It has a wide, winding (outer) air conditioner outlet, a large digital instrument cluster, a short drive selector, a parking brake, dual scrollers, a park assist button, and a wavy bridge-shaped center console that houses other driving. Has a smooth dash with controls. And a panoramic glass roof. BYD brand door sill, Qi wireless charging pad and Dynadash audio system are the highlights of other interiors.

Infotainment system of BYD Atto 4(BYD Seal)

The new BYD Atto 4 features a 15.6-inch tilt, tablet-style touchscreen infotainment system. The driver is free to change the orientation from landscape to portrait. 5G-enabled systems may include BYD’s Di Link intelligent connectivity system. This allows customers to install smartphone-like applications on their infotainment systems. BYD has not yet released a complete feature list so we will take a closer look at this infotainment system once the product is out or any leaks are made regarding this EV.

Platform used on BYD Atto 4 (BYD Seal)

The seal is supported by a custom BYDePlatform 3.0 that supports RWD and AWD electric drivetrains. This platform supports shorter charging times, better battery isolation from different weather conditions, and longer range.

The new BYD EV has a double wishbone suspension on the front and a 5-link independent suspension on the rear. It’s smaller than the Han EV, but the wheelbase is the same, thanks to the dedicated EV platform. Customers can get the same space with a smaller footprint, and the smaller dimensions help with mobility and parking.

Battery life and charging of BYD Atto 4 (BYD Seal)

This new BYD Atto 4 is BYD’s first model with CTB (cell-to-body) battery technology. By integrating the battery into the body, the sandwich structure previously used for battery packs can be used on the vehicle itself. The top cover of the battery pack is built into the floor of the car body. CTB provides 100% increased torsional stiffness (compared to traditional designs)-40,000 + Nm / °.

The CTB format has allowed elevating the peak of the chassis, this means that the auto is much less at risk of being broken with the aid of using bumps. Plus, the quantity usage is likewise better – 66%. Lastly, in case of an aspect collision, the better stiffness needs to defend the auto more.

BYD Atto 4 (BYD Seal) customers in China have two battery pack capacity options available, 61.4kWh and 82.5kWh. Depending on the configuration, the charging power (DC) can be either 110kW or 150kW. The 3080% charge time should not exceed 30 minutes.

Motor and Range of BYD Atto 4 (BYD Seal)

The 61.4 kWh battery % is to be had in a hundred and fifty kW (201 hp) single-motor RWD configurations that supply a number of 550 km (342 miles). These configurations permit DC fast-charging at as much as one hundred ten kW.

The 82.5 kWh battery provides a CLTC range of 700 km (435 miles) with a 230 kW (308 hp) single-motor RWD configuration and 650 km (404 miles) with a 390 kW (523 hp) dual-motor AWD configuration). These configurations allow for fast DC charging up to 150kW, with a 3080% recharge time taking just under 30 minutes. The top configuration can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 62 mph) in 3.8 seconds.


 The Seal is BYD’s first vehicle to feature its new iTAC technology. Short for “Intelligence Torque Adaption Control,” the system aims to provide more traction than a conventional stability control system that uses wheel sensors to monitor gear shifts and brake to intervene when needed. set.

 A wheel speed sensor divides each wheel revolution into 32 or 48 acquisition bits. In iTAC, the endpoint of each rotation can be divided into 4096 bits, which means that the speed and accuracy of the information collected is significantly higher. iTAC can adjust the torque delivered by the motor(s) in real time if needed. It can transmit all or part of the torque to the wheels with better traction and avoid ESP activation. When BYD tested on snow, it observed that vehicles with iTAC could accelerate from 060 km/h (097 mph) 0.7 seconds faster. In addition, when drifting, these cars do not need too much steering or direction control.

Pricing of BYD Atto 4 (BYD Seal)

The pre-sale price for the BYD Seal starts at CNY212,800 ($31,906) and goes up to CNY 289,800 ($43,451). Looking after its competitors pricing of BYD Atto 4 looks pretty good and actually looking affordable to buy an amazing electric sedan by BYD.

That’s all for the new BYD Atto (BYD Seal).

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