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Ferrari to launch its first ever competitive smart EV in 2025

An Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari is now all set to launch its new SUV car but on EV segment. This is the first time Ferrari is stepping on the electric segment rather than other ice segment.

According to the report Ferrari is planning to launch its new EV sports car in 2025 at earliest whereas date may exceed depending on product design, prototype, production and testing.

Let’s look at some known information gathered from different sources and rumors regarding the Ferrari launching its new EV for the first time in the market.

According to a previous report, the Ferrari F175, which is officially known as Ferrari Purosangue, has two all-electric variants on its way. According to the report, these Ferrari electric vehicles are codenamed Ferrari F244 and Ferrari F245 and will be available in 2025 and 2026. The UK publications release did not indicate whether it was a 2-door, 4-door, or a combination.

Introducing EV technology to SUVs in front of supercars is technically easy thanks to the extra height that allows easy packaging of large batteries. In addition, EV technology can avoid jeopardizing the brand’s legacy even if it compromises the scope and performance of supercar applications. Sooner or later, after an electric SUV, Ferrari will also produce an electric sports car.

Battery pack on Ferrari EV

Images from Ferrari’s patent application filed with the USPTO on December 19, 2019 circulate on the Internet, suggesting that some publications reveal details about Ferrari’s electric vehicles. Our team has reviewed the file and believes that the patent application is related to the system used to assemble the vehicle’s battery pack.

Automakers typically secure the battery to the vehicle floor and, in some cases, store the battery on the vehicle floor itself. Sports cars / supercars / hyper cars should be as low as possible and have good battery protection. This requires a new battery placement, as Porsche demonstrated in the Porsche Mission R concept by installing a battery behind the driver’s seat in 2021. At least, according to the patent application we saw, Ferrari is considering a similar approach. An additional benefit of this layout is that it provides customers with a driving experience similar to a mid-engine Ferrari. The patent application shows a hybrid or electric Ferrari with two batteries (BT1 and BT2) placed in different places.

Ferrari wants to combine the battery with at least one structural element. The patent image shows a hybrid electric car or Ferrari with a front battery (BT1) and a rear battery (BT2). The package at the rear of the vehicle includes a pair of vehicle frame rails. The traditional motor can be mounted at the front of the vehicle or behind the rear battery.

The BT1 battery consists of cylindrical cells, but that does not mean that the BT2 battery consists of the same cells. The latter is more regular, so all cell types, including prismatic and vesicle cells, can be used. Another point to note is that the platform moves away from the ground, protruding from the rear battery installation position. Ferrari says this height helps improve the car’s aerodynamics.

Performance of Ferrari electric car

As of reports from official news sites, all-electric Ferrari models could come in a four-motor configuration. Each wheel can have its own motor, allowing for safe cornering torque at high speeds. 610 hp may be the maximum power offered initially, but the potential could be higher.

The Ferrari Purosangue will launch in late 2022 and its future electric variant could have a different type of system for installing the battery. We should be clear about future Ferrari launches when the Purosangue premieres.

Production of new Ferrari electric car

Ferrari can produce electric vehicles near the existing Maranello plant in Italy. According to Bloomberg sources, the company bought land near the factory to secure space for a third production line that exclusively manufactures hybrid and electric vehicles. The company plans to open a new battery R & D center in the newly acquired property. You also need to know immediately where Ferrari will source its batteries.

That’s all we know till date regarding the electric car launch by Ferrari in 2025. Stay updated with us.

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