Ford Expedition EV |Awaited performance EV in 2023 with amazing technology

Ford Expedition EV to be launched.

Ford is preparing to launch a new wave of electric vehicles across segments, with the goal of increasing global annual EV production to more than 2 million units by 2026. One of these new EVs is expected to be the all-new Ford Expedition Electric. With this SUV, Ford continues its commitment to provide buyers with electric vehicle options that provide the freedom and flexibility they desire.

It’s still too early to draw the definitive picture of a full-fledged electric SUV, but the following are the general expectations of the Ford Expedition Electric Variant. Note that Ford has not spoken publicly about the electric expedition, and this article is based on the information revealed during Blue Oval’s strategic announcement and our analysis.

Design of Ford Expedition EV

Ford Expedition comes with an aero optimized design. From an efficiency standpoint, the Ford Expedition Electric will be more aerodynamic than the current petrol-powered Expedition. Expect proportions to change with a short hood and scooped up A-pillars. Expect a smoother, textured surface, engraved hood, re-engraved running board, heavily covered alloy wheels, and grille with active aerodynamics instead of air intake holes. However, it is unlikely that Ford will go outboard and use a radical design. As with the F-150 Lightning, customers will probably prefer the expedition to have a sturdy, simple, classic American look. Lin Antipas Tyson, Executive Director of Ford Investor Relations, describes of F-150 Lightning.

“We look after our customers voice. They told us they didn’t want a polarization design that came at the expense of functionality. They aren’t looking for a driving mode with gimmicks that they never use. They want intelligent and intuitive solutions that help them work smarter and be more productive. That’s exactly what we have provided. And we expect that doing this with 40% of our product range by 2030 will be beneficial to our business.” Says Executive Director, Investor Relations of Ford – Lynn Antipas Tyson.

Platform of Ford Expedition EV

Ford Expedition Electric will be a member of the 4th Generation Expedition family. Anyway, Ford can use the rumored TE1 truck platform with high specs. The TE1 platform debuted in the next generation of Ford pickups (light trucks) in late 2025 and is reported to support a variety of other models such as Lincoln Navigator Electric, Ford Explorer Electric and Lincoln Aviator Electric. One of the advantages of a skateboard platform is that Expedition Electric does not have to be as long and wide as a gas-powered model to provide comparable passenger and luggage space.

Battery and Range of Ford Expedition EV

Ford will probably target EPAest. At least 300 miles of Expedition Electric. The company’s future battery pack portfolio includes Ion Boost Lithium Ion, Ion Boost Pro Lithium Iron Phosphate, and solid-state units. The Ion Boost Pro battery pack is for commercial models, but if Ford plans to start production of Expedition Electric, the solid-state battery pack isn’t ready. The company may use the Ion Boost lithium-ion battery pack for its flagship electric SUV.

The development of the Ford Expedition Electric Battery Pack will take place at Ford Ion Park, a new facility in Romulus, Michigan, USA that specializes in internal research and development of battery and battery cell technology. Blue Oval will invest $ 100 million in this facility to contribute to the development and production of cells and arrays of lithium-ion and all-solid-state batteries. It is expected to be produced at the $ 5.8 billion Blue Oval SK Battery Park in Glendale, Kentucky, USA. Blue Oval SK is a joint venture between Ford and SKOn.

Features of Ford Expedition EV

This EV from Ford comes with generous features which are slightly touched and explained below:

Frunk (‘Mega Power Frunk’)

Expedition Electric can have a huge front trunk or flank under the hood. The additional lockable cargo area can consist of multiple power outlets, a USB charger, and a drainable floor that can act as a container for food and beverages. There is enough space to store at least two carry-on baggage and one check bag or two sets of golf clubs.

Bidirectional charging on Ford Expedition EV

Ford Expedition Electric is equipped with Ford Intelligent Back power and ProPower Onboard, enabling the traction battery pack to be used as a power source for households, appliances, power tools, security systems and other rechargeable electric vehicles. With the F-150 Lightning, customers can offload 9.6kW with Ford Intelligent Backup Power. In addition, Pro Power Onboard allows you to externally power your devices, tools, and equipment directly from the built-in socket. Up to 2.4 kW is available from the trunk and up to 7.2 kW from the cabin and bed sockets.

Level 2+/Level 3 Autonomous driving

Blue Cruise enables level 2 hands-free cruising in the “hands-free blue zone” of the United States and Canada. Currently, this feature is available on over 130,000 miles of pre-certified shared highways in both countries, but should have grown significantly by the time Expedition Electric arrives. Ford is now equipped with Level 3 autonomous driving capabilities and can provide the same functionality with a full-size electric SUV.

Ford Pass and Ford Power up

Ford Pass is a smartphone application that allows customers to monitor their vehicle and control some of its functions remotely. They can start/stop the car, lock/unlock the EV, locate their vehicle, schedule a start, check the status of your vehicle, get roadside assistance and access charging stations, and use a variety of functions. other connected vehicle capabilities through the app.

Software updates are delivered over-the-air that fix many technical issues, make technical improvements, and enable new features. With the Ford Power-Up OTA update, the vehicle continues to improve throughout its life without the need to continuously visit a dealer.

Release date of Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition EV may enter production in the second half of this decade. Huge number of pre-booking is expected for Ford Expedition EV as people are looking for this EV from some time ago.

Pricing of Ford Expedition

The price is expected to be on higher -mid range on the Electric automobile market. Though company have not given any info regarding the price and related stuff of Ford Expedition.

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