GMC Sierra electric truck

GMC to launch super beast EV truck: Sierra electric truck in 2024

Sierra electric truck is all set to be launched.

GMC one of the known names in the automobile industry is now planning to launch its beast electric truck as Sierra electric truck. In 2021 GMC already launched the thrilling trailer of the new concept electric truck from their company to compete in global market. GMC just announced the new Chevrolet Silverado ev as a new beast ev from the company and also launched the trailer of sierra electric truck in December 15 ,2021. The teaser of the new electric truck was released to let market know that GMC is also entering to the SUV or truck segment on EV too.

Interior of sierra electric truck

As shown on the teaser which was launched in December, the interior of an EV truck looks amazing. Though company have not provided any information regarding the details of interior as well as exterior of an EV, here is what KNOWMYEV thinks about its interior.

We can expect this EV to have similar interior as of gas-powered GMC truck. A modern cabinet with big screens and digital instruments cluster with great infotainment system is expected on the electric truck being launched by GMC.

Higher quality of raw materials is said to be used in this new electric truck. As compared to ceverolet Silverado EV, this sierra electric truck should be premium in any terms as features on EV and quality of material to be used in EV.

17-inch touch screen infotainment system is expected. Adaptive air suspension would also be the one of the eye-catching features to be set on sierra electric truck according to rumors from industry.

Exterior of Sierra electric truck

GMC sierra electric truck

Exterior of a sierra EV is expected to be show stopper in the electric truck segment as various new elements with amazing functions are to be added in this new electric truck from GMC. some of the exciting exterior parts are:

Multi-flex Midgate

The wall which is used to separate /divide cab and bed can be folded while keeping the rear seats in upward position. Folding the wall helps to get extra space in the electric truck which helps customers to pick/get huge size things on their truck. No any other traditional trucks of this segment get this feature.

Frunk of Sierra electric truck

As engine is not required in an EV, which results in extra space in the car. Space under the hood of this EV is completely free which can be usable for other storage function. GMC to provide a weather proof, lockable trunk to this EV which makes sierra electric truck safer for its customers.

Heat Pump

As said by GMC, heat pump will be available in every Electric vehicle that uses Ultium technologies in it. Heat generated by unwanted parts of the EV will be stored and used for the functions to operate the car in cold weather conditions and so on. By doing this battery is less used for maintaining weather conditions in an EV. Heat pump which is able to use and capture the humidity both from inside as well as outside of an electric truck.

Super Cruise function in sierra electric truck

Hands free driver assistance technology used by GMC in sierra electric trucks helps its customer to travel more than 200000+ miles on standard road condition around US and Canada too, which is spectacular function in an EV. But drivers should give attention on the road and traffic while driving in super cruise function too.

Platform used by Sierra electric truck

GMC sierra EV truck

Ultium platforms which only comes with premium Denali trim is being used in the new Sierra electric truck. This is the second electric vehicle being made in this platform where first one was the beast Hummer pickup EV. This platform is neither a unibody nor a body on frame.

Production of Sierra electric truck

This new electric truck is to be produced in the plant of GMC located in Michigan city of USA. All new electric vehicles from GMC is planned to be produced in this same plant of GMC. An estimated 4 billion USD dollar is said to be invested in the powerplant of the GMC which is specially made for production of EV.

Release date and price of Sierra electric truck

GMC is planning to launch its new sierra electric truck in mid half of 2024 at pricing of around 60 thousand USD.

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