Hyundai N Vision 74 Price and Launch Date

Hyundai N Vision 74 , A new car or a concept car is now trending on the internet, and this is actually great. In this article we are going to discuss about the Hyundai N Vision 74. This is an concept car from one and only popular brand in the world Hyundai. This is and hydrogen-electric concept car.


Hyundai N Vision 74 has the length of 4952mm, width of 1995mm and height of 1331. It has an wheelbase of 2905mm.


This concept car has the Total max power of over 500(rear) kW and the total max torque of over 900Nm.


Talking about the battery capacity of N vision 74 it has 62.4kWh battery and has the fast charging capability of 800V.


The tank capacity of hydrogen tank is of 4.2kgs with net 85(Maximum 95) fuel cell stack. The refueling time for the hydrogen is 5 minutes.

Speed and Range

The max speed of the car is over 250kph and the range that this car gives is over 600km, which is quite good for the electric car and the range if 600km that is the greatest thing.

Price of Hyundai N Vision 74

The price of hyundai N vision 74 has not been yet revealed by the hyundai yet , but according to the specifications it has we can estimate the price of Hyundai N vison 74 to be around $100k to $160k. This is not the sure price it is just estimation.

This car is capable of driving over 600km and can be refueled in just not more than 5 minutes upto 80%. This car is the future opportunity in the racing market or you can call it motorsports.

So this was everything we new till now the about this new Concept car about from Hyundai which is Hyundai N Vison 74. As we get more updates we will keep on updating the information.

How much does the N Vision 74 Cost ?

The price has not been revealed yet but we can expect it to be around $100k to $150k.

Is the Hyundai Vision 74 real?

Yes , the Hyundai Vision 74 is real.

When will Hyundai N Vision 74 Launch ?

Probably in next 4 years we can expect it see on the roads.

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