New KTM E-Duke | Most powerful 2 Wheeler from KTM

KTM E-Duke | KTM an Austrian manufacturer of motorcycles, bicycles and sports cars owned by Pierer Mobility AG and the Indian manufacturer Bajaj Auto International Holdings BV was founded in 1992 but dates back to 1934. Today, KTM AG is the parent company of KTM Group, which is made up of several motorcycle brands.

On the race of manufacturing powerful motorcycles, KTM is always ahead of its competitors, whether in sporty rigid designs like KTM Duke, KTM RC or an adventurous KTM adventure bikes, KTM is always on first place to manufacture sporty bikes on this segment.

Till date KTM was only on the race of manufacturing ICE bikes running from petrol but these days KTM is planning to produce new EV on its segment. KTM is planning to launch its new KTM EV as KTM E-Duke. In this article we will be digging after the new concept EV from KTM in two-wheeler segment.

KTM E-Duke

ktm e-duke
KTM E Duke concept

The KTM Dukes subsequent section of lifestyles become certain to be electric powered. Hence, it comes as no wonder as an investor record of Pierer Mobility AG, KTMs discern company, has discovered the life of the e-Duke. The upcoming electric powered KTM bare can have the intellectual insanity of its ICE cousins however the specifications arent as promising as of its old petrol powered KTM Duke.

For starters, KTM E Duke shares its powertrain and is based on the same platform as the sister company Husqvarna’s E Pilen concept which was announced last year.

Battery and Motor of KTM E-Duke

The bike is powered by a fixed 5.5kWh lithium-ion battery pack connected to a 10kW (nominal) electric motor. The two electric bikes are based on the same platform, but target two different target groups. The E-Duke has a 5kWh lithium-ion battery, which is fixed and non-replaceable. But according to some rumors flowing around the market, KTM may introduce swappable battery pack of lithium ion if initial manufactured E Dukes are liked by audience and sold rapidly.

Range of KTM E-Duke

According to information provided by big name on automobile, the new KTM E-Duke will be able to give range of more than 100 kms on full charge of its 5.5KWh lithium ion battery pack which is comparatively enough range for an electric bike on this performance driven world of ICE bikes.

For a performance bike, it feels like a big disappointment. Hopefully, by the time the bike hits the road, battery technology should have made enough progress to provide a better range.

Charger and charging time of KTM E- Duke

As everyone wants to charge their EV as soon as possible and get that high range from their EV, KTM have tried considering this thing and is planning to launch an electric bike which will be capable of fast charger too.

As rumors of KTM E-Duke is being circulated rapidly in the market, KTM E-Duke will be able to be full charged in 5 hours on normal home charging condition whereas by using fast charger this EV can be charged from 10% to 80% in just 40 minutes (According to rumors). This will be a game changer EV if it comes with such battery pack and charging conditions. But it is not sure if KTM will launch its E- Duke as rumored on the market.

Overview of KTM E-Duke

E- Duke is likely to fall into the ICE 200cc motorcycle segment in terms of performance. Besides E-Duke, the investor presentation also featured KTM E10, Freeride E LV and Husqvarna E-Pilen. As this EV is being manufactured by leading motorcycle manufacturer KTM, so we can expect some amazing features on this EV which might not be present in other two-wheeler EV on this segment.

The E-Duke and E-Pilen share many similarities in terms of platforms and powertrains, the only difference being in the bodywork, where the E-Duke gets the KTM’s strongest appeal. Quite similar to how Husqvarna’s Vitpilen and Svartpilen are based on KTM’s Duke line.

The electric two-wheeler space has grown exponentially not only in India but globally, and KTM has dipped its foot in the game with its entry-level E-Duke. It will take a while for E-Duke to reach our shores. Till time let’s wait and watch regarding the development of production of the newest EV from KTM.

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