Mahindra Thar.e Concept Electric Thar From Mahindra

Mahindra Thar.e | Mahindra Announced their new Thar in the electric variant, as we all now electric cars are the future so Mahindra also thought to go with the trend with their most popular car segment Mahindra Thar. So in this article we are going to discuss about all the information that we have known about this car so far.


The price of this Electric Thar .E is expected to be be around Rs 25 Lakhs to Rs 30 Lakhs, which i think is not so bad for this futuristic look thar.

Launch Date

Talking about the launch date of this electric Thar we can expect it to be launched mid 2026.

Variants We Can Expect

Thar have said to offer two different variants and have named them AX and LX.

Features Known So Far

On the design front, the Thar electric gets a new grille with the Thar.e badging and three vertically stacked LEDs on either side, rounded square LED headlights, chunky squared wheel cladding, dual-tone alloy wheels, rear door handles on the C-pillar, a tailgate-mounted spare wheel, square LED taillights, and grey front and rear skid plates. 

Inside, the new electric SUV will get a fully digital instrument console, a new multifunction steering wheel with the Thar.e logo at the centre, grab rails on either side of the new dashboard, a new centre console dominated by a large touchscreen infotainment system, and more.

Engine Specs

Built upon a adapted iteration of the INGLO P1 platform, the Thar.e concept is set to receive adjusted dimensions. Notably, the model will feature an extended wheelbase and reduced overhangs in contrast to its ICE counterpart.

While the precise specifications remain undisclosed by the company, it has been confirmed that a consistent battery and powertrain will be utilized across its range of EVs. This indicates the potential for the electric Thar to draw power from a 60kWh battery pack coupled with electric motors, strategically positioned on each axle, thereby facilitating a 4WD capability.


Mahindra’s cars are always safe to drive, and so will they make it safe to drive with this Thar.e.


Mahindra’s stride into the electric vehicle frontier with the new Thar variant marks a futuristic leap for this iconic off-roader. With anticipated pricing ranging from Rs 25 Lakhs to Rs 30 Lakhs, the Electric Thar .E brings a refreshed design, including a distinctive grille and advanced LED features, complemented by an interior boasting a multifunctional steering wheel and touchscreen infotainment system. Built on the INGLO P1 platform, its potential 60kWh battery pack and strategically positioned electric motors hint at a versatile 4WD capability. Set to launch around mid-2026, Mahindra continues its commitment to safety and innovation, ensuring the Thar’s enduring legacy.

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