Mercedes G Wagon (Electric) To Be Launched As Mercedes EQG IN 2024

Mercedes EQG | Mercedes G Wagon has always been one of the biggest, luxurious off roaders in worldwide automobile market. Since the beginning of the new millennium, the Mercedes G-Class has become sportier with the AMG variants, pumping iron with variants such as the 4×4² and 6×6, wearing armor with the Guard variants and discovering royalty with the Landole. Twenty years later, as the world transitions to zero-emission vehicles, the Mercedes-Benz Group (formerly Daimler) unveils a new appearance of its clean and classy SUV, introduced by the Mercedes EQG Concept.

The Mercedes-Benz Group officially confirmed its plans for an all-electric G-Class when it held its “Mercedes-Benz Strategy Update 2020” event in October 2020. The electric G-Class, which debuted at the 2021 Munich Motor Show (IAA 2021), is a concept, but the production model due next year will be pretty close.

Design of Mercedes EQG

Mercedes EQG Concept (official name: The Mercedes Concept EQG) is a modified second-generation Mercedes G-Class with EV-specific design elements and a completely different powertrain. Key exterior changes include a two-tone color scheme with a gloss black top and gloss aluminum bottom, a black panel grille with illuminated stars, an animated squiggly pattern around the stars, and an illuminated band around the edges. -inch -EV style wheels and a lockable box inspired by the EV wall box charger instead of a spare tire cover.

The evolved design of the second-generation G-Class shows that customers prefer incremental changes based on the original character to low-aerodynamic cars. With this in mind, the media has always expected the EQG to be very close to the regular model, and the concept version confirms that coming Mercedes electric wagon will be look alike of regular Mercedes G wagon.

Interior of Mercedes EQG

The interior of the Mercedes EQG Concept doesn’t differ much from the G-Class. The overall design and layout are the same, but the cabin is whiter than white, making it look richer and cleaner.

Because of the bright colors, it seems like a more peaceful space that only complements the quiet operation of the electric powertrain.

The instrument cluster and central display have dedicated graphics, the former providing information specific to its EV and the latter showing the branding of the Mercedes EQ and its three-dimensional star pattern.

The distinctive three differential lock switches in the center console are for display purposes only and do not have a differential lock symbol. The steering wheel is new, but it doesn’t look any different. The center console trim is also unique to the concept model.

Specifications of Mercedes EQG


Mercedes EQG will be a conversion of its ICE model (2nd generation G-class). The Mercedes-Benz Group is repurposing to keep development and production costs down and above all to preserve its legendary off-roader capabilities and bring it to market faster. Which might denote to the fact that Mercedes EQG might not be a best electric SUV as expected in the market.

Dr. Emmerich Schiller, its CEO of Mercedes-Benz G, said on the UK website that the electric variant of the G-Class has its body is connected to the ladder frame at its eight points. He also revealed that the EQG weighed under 3,500 kg (7,716 lbs).

Britta Seeger, BoM member – Marketing and Sales (Mercedes-Benz Cars) said that “In 2024, the all-electric G-Class will also be launched. It will continue the great story of our G series.”

Power train

The Mercedes EQG features its four separate motors that mimic the functionality of its three 100% differential locks on the Mercedes G-Class. We’re talking about conventional motors here, not in-wheel motors. According to Autocar, Mercedes-Benz mounted the EQG’s front-wheel-drive motors low on both front axles, and integrated the rear motors further inboard on the rear axle.

The rear axle is a de Dion type unit specially developed for the EQG.

The big motor powers each wheel via a two-speed low-ratio gearbox. The driver can choose from seven driving modes, including its four options dedicated to off-road.

Eco, Comfort, Sport, Trail, Rock, Sand, Creeper. It can direct all power to one wheel, which can be useful in tricky off-road situations. The power distribution between the wheels is “incredibly precise,” says Dr Schiller.

Battery and Range of Mercedes EQG

Mercedes EQG will be equipped with a battery pack with an energy storage capacity of around 100 kWh. We are talking about a new type of battery pack with a very high energy density that requires cells with a high percentage of silicon. California-based Sila Nanotechnologies and Mercedes-Benz announced on May 17, 2022 that the battery in the all-electric G-Class Silas will use silicon anode chemistry.

High silicon anode material increases energy density without compromising safety and performance. A joint statement from both companies states that the technology will increase energy density by 20-40%, and at the cell level it will achieve more than 800 Wh / l. This will be the most energy dense battery in an EV or any other model.

The advantage of increased energy density is that Mercedes-Benz does not need large battery packs to meet range requirements. Sila’s technology allows you to store more energy in the same space, giving you more range without adding weight on an EV.

The advanced silicon anode material will be manufactured using 100% clean energy at Silas’ Washington state facility, with Mercedes-Benz being the first announced customer at the facility. Additionally, the two companies are aiming to introduce new battery technology into the G-Wagon electric. EQG tends to be heavy for a frame SUV, so a battery with increased energy density is will be a perfect material for it.

Mercedes-Benz G claims that the EQG can drive over 300 miles (483 km) on a single charge where EQG has 3 levels of regenerative braking: D+, D and D- which would be a additional point for an EV to give more range.

Release date of Mercedes EQG

In 2021, the Mercedes-Benz Group has confirmed that it plans to launch the Mercedes EQG in 2024. In a media call on September 22, 2022, Källenius provided a more precise release date and the company said it plans to launch its EQG in mid-to-late 2024.

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