MINI EV in 2024 – mini yet powerful EV

The iconic MINI EV Hatch will be in its fifth-generation next year at MY2024. Preparations are underway to revise the life cycle, and MINI has released the first details, giving selected journalists the opportunity to travel on a prototype. The lineup includes the 2024 Mini Cooper SE (2024 Mini Cooper SE), the second generation of the Mini Cooper Electric.

Design of MINI EV

The next generation MINI Electric (codename: MINI J01) sticks to the two-door hatchback format, similar to its predecessor currently available in the United States. MINI has released images and videos of camouflaged prototypes. Spy footage suggests that the car has undergone several revisions from previous iterations, one of which has leaked from China.

The MINI Electric 2024 retains its highly beloved charm and European durable dimensions. The main changes to the front are the redesigned circular headlights, the new octagonal grille and the redesigned hood with sharp creases. The current model’s hood scoop is purely for aesthetic purposes, and next-generation models may contain the same for similar effects. The windshield seems to have been put forward to improve aerodynamics, which should have a positive impact on range. This can also enhance the spatial sensation, which is especially important for cars with such a footprint.

The side profiles of the 2024 Mini Cooper can be about the same. However, the dimensions are completely different. As a custom EV not found in current models, it has a longer wheelbase and shorter front overhang. Autocar reports that the wheelbase is about 40mm longer (current model: 2,495mm / 98.2in) and, as the rendering shows, the track width also increases.

Starting in 2024, the BMW Group plans to use only aluminum wheels manufactured in a sustainable manner on all MINI (and BMW) models. Manufacturing these wheels with 100% green energy can save up to 500,000 tons of CO2 annually. In 2021, the BMW Group began procuring aluminum made exclusively from solar energy from Dubai (UAE). The company processes this aluminum at a light metal foundry at its Landshut plant in Germany.

Thanks to the slim, almost triangular redesigned taillights, the rear of the all-new electric MINI is immediately recognizable from a distance. Thick moldings run across the width of the tailgate and connect the taillights. There is currently no evidence to support this speculation, but there may be an LED backlight behind this strip.

Interior of MINI EV


Judging from the fact that spy footage leaked to the Internet (via Twitter) last year, the interior of the next-generation MINI Cooper Electric has a layout familiar to MINI owners, but the design has changed significantly. It has been. The designers of MINI took a minimalist approach to give the car a sleek, clean and premium look. Customers who are particularly tech-savvy will benefit from this, as we expect more controls to be digital. The spy image reveals a slim, horizontal central vent underneath a compact panel with a retro-style switch. It has temperature and voice control, a wide heads-up display, and a huge floating touch screen in the shape of a makeup mirror.

The highlights of the next-generation Mini Cooper Electric interior are its circular touchscreen panel and minimalist cockpit design.

Specification and platform of MINI EV

The next-generation MINI Cooper Electric is based on a dedicated EV platform co-developed with the Great Wall Motor of China. Thanks to the bespoke platform, it has the potential to provide more internal space on a smaller exterior compared to current models. ThomasGeiger drove a Shotgun with a prototype. He said the inside of the car feels big. As mentioned in the previous section, the wheelbase will be longer, but the engine will be smaller, all of which contribute to space efficiency.

Variants of MINI EV

Two variations of the new MINI are available, according to Autocar’s report. The base variant will have a 40kWh battery, and the top-end “S” variant will have a battery of about 50kWh.

Comparing the battery pack of two different variants, the base variant has battery pack of 40Kwh whereas the top end variant has around 50Kwh battery pack which provide approx. 181 hp and 221 respectively.

Range of MINI EV (both variants)

A 40kWh battery pack can provide a range of about 185 miles, while a battery pack of about 50kWh can provide up to about 250 miles on a full charge. EPA estimate. However, the range should be narrow. MINI may not provide a base variant in the United States due to its limited scope. Both variations can be equipped with a single motor to drive the front wheels, with power adjusted to approximately 181 hp for the base variant and approximately 221 hp for the top-end variant.

Top speed of MINI EV

The electronically limited top speed of the next generation electric MINI is higher than the current model’s top speed of 150 km / h (93 mph). The revised model is expected to reach approximately 180 km / h (112 mph).

MINI engineer Klaus Bramer told that the lower center of gravity of the redesigned MINI Electric can make the car more agile and playful. The new MINI is also lighter and can only improve pavement retention. The powerful long-distance variations expected to go to the United States will be a sportier design. According to Autocar’s report, the all-new model has a slightly rearward weight distribution.

The suspension system is the same, combining the MacPherson struts (front) with the multi-link “rear” system. While driving the prototype, the autocar will feel less elastic and the driver will appreciate its calmness. Bramer told a British publication that electric power steering will also provide more feel for next-generation models. So, it is known as a more driver’s car rather than the passengers.

A completely newly developed traction control should contribute to improved handling. The traction control system integrates a new motor controller, and as the two components converge, the operation becomes faster and more active than passive, reducing understeer and torque steer. At least in the prototype, the new setup was felt to provide greater traction than the current gas-powered MINI hatch compared.

Production of MINI EV

Production of the next-generation MINI Cooper Electric will take place at a new Chinese plant owned by Spotlight Automotive Limited, a joint venture between the BMW Group and Great Wall Motor. The annual production capacity of this factory in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province is 160,000 units.

The next-generation electric MINI is about 16 months away from production (September 2023), according to an Autocar report filed March 22, 2022.MINI EV and MINI convertible will come on production from BMW Group plant in Oxford. The latter is confirmed to receive electric propulsion.

Release date of MINI EV

The 2024 Mini Cooper Electric will hit dealers from 2024. The launch in the US should follow shortly after Europe. Like the current model, the next-generation model is said to be one of the cheapest electric vehicle models on the US market.

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