The new powerful Volvo EX30 | Budget SUV in 2023

Volvo Cars gave us a glimpse of the EX30 at the world premiere of the EX90. This small electric SUV has short overhangs, high ground clearance and a seemingly soaring waistline.

At the world premiere of the Volvo EX90 on November 9, 2022, Volvo has unveiled its small electric SUV for the first time. In the final moments of the presentation, the company gave a glimpse of its two electric vehicle launches scheduled for 2023 (the other being its EX90).

Exterior of Volvo EX30

The teaser doesn’t tell us much, but we’ll focus on the small, low bonnet, sharply rising waistline, and its C-shaped taillight graphics that follow the design of the EX90.

Former Volvo Cars president and CEO Håkan Samuelsson sits on the sidelines at the Volvo C40 launch, scheduled for March 2021, to discuss the design of the upcoming small SUV and help get the big picture.  

Volvo EX30

The company sees a need for more electric SUVs and has them in its development pipeline, he added. That’s because “people like very high seating positions,” explained the Volvo boss. Not as square as its current SUV from Volvo, the roofline is softer, contributing to range-enhancing aerodynamics.

Electrification will also change the shape of the car. It needs to be more aerodynamic, so it might surprise people out there a bit in the future…not just conventional cars so far.

Håkan Samuelsson, Former President and CEO, Volvo Car Group (Volvo Car Group Half Year 2021 Results)

Platform of Volvo EX30

The Volvo EX30 can drive on the SEA2 platform that spawned another B-segment model, the Smart #01 electric SUV, in April 2022. smart is an urban mobility brand by Mercedes and Geely.

The carmaker can use the SEA2 platform to develop electric vehicles with a wheelbase of 2,650-2,900 mm. According to and CAR, Volvo will launch the entry-level EV as a single-engine FF model.

Battery and range of Volvo EX30

Paultan reports that the battery pack options available for SEA2 platform-based electric vehicles offer a range of at least about 460 km (286 miles). Bovellan came up with this range considering a power consumption value of 12.5 kWh/100km.

This means that the smallest battery pack for an EV based on the SEA platform could have an energy content of 58 kWh. However, these range and energy consumption figures may not correspond to the WLTP test cycle, which is more rigorous and realistic than the Chinese test cycle (CLTC).

Since the battery is the most expensive component in an electric vehicle, a smaller battery also reduces the cost of the vehicle. Volvo Cars could consider its 45kWh battery pack for the EX30 to meet the expectations of urban customers.

Like its rivals, a long-range version (over 250 real-world miles) could also be an option.

Release date of Volvo EX30

The Volvo EX30 comes after the Volvo EX90. On July 20, 2022, during its second quarter 2022 earnings call for Volvo Car Group, Rowan confirmed that 2023 will be its year. When asked if the brand’s entry point has ever dropped below £30,000 again, he said !

What we think about Volvo EX30

The Volvo EX30 will be a good choice for young urban customers, including new drivers looking for a safe, sustainable and stylish SUV with many advanced technologies for connectivity, comfort and convenience.

That’s all about Volvo EX30 from our side. We will let you know if any new updates are given by the company itself till time follow KNOWMYEV on our socials including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok and YouTube to never ever miss any updates regarding new EVs, its lunch and specifications.

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