MG Cyberster-The revolutionary sports EV for 2024

MG, one of the leading EV (four-wheeler) manufacturer is now all set to launch its first ever sports EV on the market. MG is planning to launch its new EV on sports category as it is working on launching the new MG Cyberster.

At the 2021 Shanghai Motor Show, MG unveiled its vision for a two-seater sports car that embodies the MG Cyberster concept. To celebrate MG’s 100th anniversary (2024), the brand is speeding up the production version of Cyberster to provide enthusiasts with an “affordable sports car,” according to an Autocar report on February 7, 2022.

As MG’s electric sports car has been predicted since last year, the development is not so surprising. CarAdvice Australia has revealed that the exciting MG Cyberster will go into production in both left- and right-handed markets in April 2021, but no timeline has been set.

Design concept of MG Cyberster

London’s design center SAIC did most of the designs for the MG Cyberster (concept version), making the car as British as possible. According to the Auto & Design report, the first studies were conducted in the UK, where designers relied heavily on the brand’s legacy and the backbone of European driving culture. From sketches to digital mockups and scale modeling, the outside work was done almost entirely in the UK. At the final stage of the design process, members of the London team visited the team in Shanghai, China.

The Cyberster Concept is a true European roadster design with a long, low nose, steep windshield and rear cap. Borrowing some design cues from the MGB roadster, the two-door, two-seater electric sports car concept the company says has “magic eye” headlights that open when turned on. Called “Wind hunter” (as reported on other website of MG), the black grille pays tribute to the past with headlights positioned above the grille. MG says the electric sports car will have a flat “Kamma” rear end and stand out “Hacker Blade” alloy wheels.

Production model of MG Cyberster

After completion of its design from the team, MG is looking to start production of MG Cyberster as soon as possible. Patent images appearing online that look like production versions of the MG Cyberster concept. In the shape of things, the road-ready model doesn’t feature a concept dramatic design and will appear in proportions similar to an entry-level sports car like the BMW Z4. In any case, it doesn’t feel as smooth in the back as the Nissan Z or Toyota Supra.

It seems like the manufacturing MG Cyberster might be substantially toned down from the layout proven with inside the concept.

Unlike the concept version, the intended production version has a roof and is probably softer. From the front, it looks smaller and less aggressive than the concept version with higher ground clearance and smaller wheels. The production version also has conventional headlights in a curved shape reminiscent of the BMW Z4. One of the most eye-catching features of the concept version is the roofline, which leans back steeply and does not lead to production cars. This concept had very short overhangs that did not even appear in the final version of the vehicle. At the rear, the curved tail lamp design of the production model looks much wider.

The new electric sports car will reflect the brand’s sports car DNA and be technologically advanced.

Features and Interior of MG Cyberster

MG Cyberster gets what the company calls a “digital fiber” cockpit. Here, the driver and passenger spaces are separated by a tunnel connected to the dashboard. The design features a driver-focused layout with a large LED instrument cluster with a second center screen. The driver’s screen provides key vehicle information in a minimal way, while the central display offers more interactive features. A game controller-inspired steering wheel displays music playback and another non-vehicle information.

The MG “Zero Gravity” seats have floating headrests, and the red leather door panels and handles reflect the “laser belt” that runs across the body. Other MG Cyberster features include Intelligent Driving Mode, “Active Refresh” technology, 5G connectivity and Level 3 autonomous driving capabilities.

Power and Performance of MG Cyberster

The MG Cyberster features module-less battery technology that provides a range of 500 miles claimed (800 km). The company hasn’t released specifications, but MG Motors says the electric sports car can reach 0-100 km/h in less than three seconds.

This EV sports car would be a revolutionary sports car in EV market.

Price and release date of MG Cyberster

Speaking to MG Motor France’s PR Manager Clément Lefèvre at the digital premiere of the Eurospec MG4 Electric, Liu indicated that the Cyberster will debut and go on sale in 2023. Here is what he said:

As I mentioned earlier, next year we will be kicking off MG’s 100th anniversary celebrations. This is very important in honoring MG’s long and rich history. Remember when we said we’d have 10 models by the end of 2025? The next model is the return of a true legend.

A two-door performance roadster with an electrified mind. The MG Cyberstar is nearing its final test and it looks great.

Xinyu Liu, CEO, SAIC Motor Europe (MG Electric digital premiere on September 13, 2022)

David Allison, head of product and planning at MG Motor UK, told Driving Electric that the Cyberster will go on sale in the UK “in mid-to-late 2024”, the UK publication said in September 2022. Reported on day 1. The director confirmed to Auto Express that the price of the electric sports car is “an amazing deal”. Will MG be able to shock the market with a base price well below £40,000?

Other information regarding MG Cyberster

MG predicted that the manufacturing of Cyberster to be a CNY 1 billion (USD 149 million/GBP one hundred twenty million) project, and it set a goal of receiving 5% of that amount — CNY 50 million — from its crowdfunding program. MG reached its purpose of getting 5,000 stocks to begin manufacturing of the Cyberster, with every percentage priced at CNY 1,000 (USD 149/GBP one hundred twenty). The marketing campaign became open until July 31, 2021, and the stocks may be used as a deposit toward booking the Cyberster.

That’s all for the new MG Cyberster.

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