Top 5 convertible EV

Top 5 Electric convertible vehicles to hit US Market effective from 2024

Top 5 Electric convertible vehicles to hit US Market from 2024 .

Electric cars are trending these days as people are being more responsible towards world and environment conscious. While looking after the sustainable energy and vehicles to run from those sustainable energy, electric vehicles are the one that meet the criteria. That’s the main reason people are using and promoting electric vehicles more these days rather than looking for the ice vehicle which use petrol or diesel as an energy source to power their engine and perform.

As there as various types of electric vehicles available in the market on various platform whether it be SUV, sedan, cross over or any other variant, people are loving all these segments and are using EVs for a long till date.

Today in this article we will be talking about the top 5 convertible electric vehicles which is expected in near future. We will look after the convertible EV, there specifications and expected price as well as expected launch dates too.

The list we have made is not based on performance or range, this is a normal listing of top 5 convertible electric vehicles expected to be launch very soon.

Maserati MC20 ‘Cielo’ Folgore EV

Maserati MC20 ‘Cielo’ Folgore

Maserati is one of the most popular four-wheeler manufacturers in the world. Mainly Maserati is focused on producing ice super performance cars but now Maserati have entered on the electric market too. Maserati is planning to launch its powerful EV known as Maserati MC20 ‘Cielo’ Folgore model which will be the best convertible EV in the market as company claimed.

It is expected as Maserati MC20 ‘Cielo’ Folgore will use a trimotor powertrain in it and give a better performance than other EV. Two motor are being provided to each wheel on the rear of an EV and one single motor is provided on the front of the EV to provide power on front two wheel of this super EV. Maserati MC20 ‘Cielo’ Folgore will be the first ever electric convertible vehicle from the Maserati. Company is expecting to cover speed of 0-100 km/h in just under 3 seconds which is more than expectation for and EV.

Fisker Project Ronin EV

Fisker Project Ronin

On the list of top five convertible EV made by KNOWMYEV, Fisker Project Ronin have made place on the second position. This is one of the coolest electric vehicles to be launched in upcoming days. Fisker Project Ronin is still in its prototype design till date. Company’s CEO have recently posted an image which was generated on software using computer in social media and gave hint on how this futuristic EV is going to be.

Fisker Project Ronin will also get its tri motor powertrain and support all wheel drive which will be the plus point for an EV to launch in this time. Fisker Project Ronin is expected to deliver a range of 600 miles on its full charge which will again be the show stopper in EV market. The time for 0-100 speed is expected to be under 2 seconds which is another factor that makes Fisker Project Ronin the legendary EV on the market. Fisker Project Ronin is expected to be launched in 2024 as stated by the CEO of the American startup while it is expected to be priced for about $200000 USD.

Chevrolet Corvette electric convertible EV

Chevrolet Corvette electric convertible

By the name we can easily say that it will be one of the best EV on the segment of convertible EV. Chevrolet is known for producing powerful vehicles these days. Chevrolet Corvette electric convertible will be one of its type -monster EV from the brand. The company expects to launch its amazing Ev in 2025 and expects to steal the show in EV market. Company have given a clue regarding its zero-emission vehicle through twitter but haven’t published its any specification till date. Company expects to launch this beast EV within 2025. Regarding the price of this EV, company haven’t given any info regarding Chevrolet Corvette electric convertible till date.

Mercedes-AMG electric convertible EV

Mercedes-AMG electric convertible

Mercedes is the only brand on the four-wheeler market that is very popular from any age group. People just love the luxury that is being provided by Mercedes on any of its car from budget segment or ultra-expensive segments. Mercedes-AMG electric convertible is also one of the powerful convertible EV that people are looking forward for. CTO of the company have said that its not an easy job to develop a convertible performance EV but Mercedes is planning for it. Mercedes expects to launch Mercedes-AMG electric convertible in 2026. Also, according to rumors, Mercedes-AMG electric convertible is going to be priced over $200000 USD in the EV market.

Polestar O₂ EV

Polestar O₂

Polestar, company once owned by Volvo is now planning to launch its new convertible electric four-wheeler in the global market. CEO of the company have stated that Polestar O₂ will go on production very soon and will release it as a hard-top convertible roadster. Based on the aluminum construction adaptation, Polestar O₂ will be an amazing performance EV from this company. According to the rumors, Polestar O₂ will be powered with dual motor setup, each on the axle at front as well as real side and will be able to launch as all-wheel drive EV which will definitely make impact on the performance of an EV.

872 HP is expected to be generated by this dual setup on the Polestar O₂. Company have stated that Polestar O₂ will be the perfect example of end edge aero dynamic design on EV market. Some of the attracting elements on the Polestar O₂ will be LED DRLs with THOR hammer design, sharp hips of the EV, low profile tires. According to Polestar, the rear light setup of new Polestar O₂ also acts as a air blades for the EV which will help to reduce some turbulence and help on the performance of the Polestar O₂ EV.

Above mentioned are the list of upcoming electric convertible vehicles from different manufacturers in global market. If you are an EV lover and also looking for a convertible EV which one are you looking to buy in near future? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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