VW ID.4 EV – ultimate performance SUV from Volkswagen to impress market from 2023

VW ID.4 EV updated version to be launched in 2023.

Electric cars have been in limelight these days as there is high demand of electric vehicles whether it be two-wheeler or a four-wheeler in the global market. Many people prefer electric vehicles over ice vehicles as price of fuel is growing rapidly in these days, fuel price is hitting its highest point ever in the history. Electric vehicles on the other side are becoming more powerful and advance in any form and can compete with fuel injected vehicles very easily and some EVs are even capable to win fuel or ice vehicles in any aspects whether it be performance, style or design and other aspects.

Where there is high competition of company in EV market, Volkswagen is not so popular name for electric vehicle. Yet Volkswagen is one of the most popular and high selling car brands in global market for normal ice vehicles, for EV segment it has not gained high names. Trying to hold its high position on electric segment too, VW is looking to launch its updated version of its old model. The new VW ID.4 is all set to be launched in 2023.VW is planning to launch its updated SUV to compete in market with its competitors in global market.  Here in this article we will be digging in to VW ID.4 while looking at its every aspect.

EV motor in VW ID.4 EV

With great name comes the biggest responsibility to the automobile manufacturer. Talking about VW, it has used a high-power APP 310 permanent magnet brushless motor with specs of 146–302 hp (148–306 PS; 109–225 kW). This great motor is able to generate a generous amount of power which is used to give amazing performance by VW ID.4 EV.

There is said to be two variants of VW ID.4 IN 2023. In the front wheel drive model there will be a single motor which will produce 201 horse power to power this EV and give amazing performance whereas the four-wheel drive variant of this EV will be provided with two different motors on each side- front side and rear side which will collectively produce the energy of 295 horse power which make this EV more capable to showcase its great performance.

The towing capacity of VW ID.4 EV is said to be 2700 pounds.

Battery of VW ID.4 EV

To power up this amazing SUV, VW have added high capacity battery of 82KWh in the four-wheel drive variant whereas battery of 62KWh is provided in the front wheel drive variant of VW ID.4. But according to some rumors this EV may have 77KWh battery in it. Company have not published the specs of this updated EV due to which all we can do for now is to listen to the rumors and believing it.

Range of VW ID.4 EV

Due to the amazing, huge performance battery and the outstanding motor in VW ID.4 EV, the range is high as compared to other EVS of same price range. This updated EV is said to have range of 280 miles (according to internal sources) in a full charge which is quite decent in number to be compared with other EVs in global market.

Charging of VW ID.4 EV

The battery of this updated EV can be charged from 110-240 volt of current in-home environment. DC fast charging is also supported in this new EV which will be capable to give extra range for VW ID.4 EV in short period of charge from DC charger. According to some rumors from big automobile reporters, VW is likely to launch the smaller variant of VW ID.4 which will have everything low as compared to other two variants of EV. This lower variant will be provided with small capacity motor with small battery and gives small range as compared to big model of VW ID.4 EV.

Infotainment system of VW ID.4 EV

This new SUV will be provided with 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system which can be upgraded to 12-inch system. The software and program being used in VW ID.4 is unique as compared to other gasoline vehicles being manufactured by Volkswagen. Both apple car play and android car play are available in this infotainment system of VW ID.4 EV.

Fuel economy and real world MPGe of VW ID.4 EV

The fuel economy is one of the major aspects of any vehicle. Unlike other this new updated VW ID.4 EV from Volkswagen is rated 104 MPGe in city whereas 89 MPGe in highway according to EPA. The above-mentioned fuel economy is for the variant of rear wheel drive EV. Though it may not be true in real world as some of the claimed numbers from EV manufactures are not met in real world but according to VW official these number are nearer to claimed numbers by company.

Pricing of VW ID .4 EV

After looking to the amazing features and specifications being provided in this new SUV from Volkswagen, we can expect price to be on the higher price segment. 3 models are to be launched in this VW ID.4 EV line as base model, pro model and the bigger pro S model EV. Pricing of all three VW ID.4 EV differ from each other. The pricing of VW ID.4 models are listed below:

The base model is priced for $35000 whereas the pro model of VW ID.4 is set to be $42000 and the bigger pro S is going to be set for price of $47,000 in US market. Though company have not provided any official pricing for VW ID.4 EV but these are the estimated price range for these EV from EV journalists.

Also, price may slightly differ for the two wheel or front wheel drive option to four-wheel drive option.

Launch date of the new VW ID.4 EV SUV

According to Volkswagen, this new SUV EV is said to be launched in the mid or end of 2023. Company has said that production of VW ID.4 will be in new production plant in US. Total of 7,000 VW ID.4 is said to be manufactured in this new manufacturing plant of Volkswagen.

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