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Range Rover to be launched in electric variant. 

Jaguar Land Rover is confident that even its largest models, such as Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, will succeed in electrification. Range Rover Electric will be launched in 2024 as part of Range Rover’s 5th Generation unveiling. Alongside Land Rover Defender EV, Range Rover Sport Electric and Range Rover Electric reinvent the company’s most daring vehicle project.

With the announcement of the fifth-generation model, there is already confirmation of the Range Rover Electric.

Chief Commercial Officer of Jaguar Land Rover -Lennard Hoornik said “We are also very pleased to announce that we will be launching a fully electric, 100% electric Range Rover by 2024”

Design of all-new Range Rover

The all-new Range Rover is a design evolution of the 4th Generation model. The silhouette is almost the same as the previous model. JLR has refined its globally acclaimed design with a slightly different expression for its new decade.

Led by Jerry McGovern, the design team has maintained Range Rover’s hallmarks such as the clamshell bonnet, straight lines, clean and elegant finish and distinctive rear taper. As we deduced, the drag coefficient (0.30 Cd) is about 10% lower than the previous model (0.34 Cd), surpassing the Mercedes GLS (0.32 Cd) and offering best-in-class aerodynamics. This significantly lower drag coefficient makes the all-new Range Rover the world’s most aerodynamic luxury SUV, according to JLR.

At the front, the all-new Range Rover features slimmer headlights and grille, with a more distinctive lower grille design featuring two body-colored horizontal louvres spanning the entire width. Designers neatly placed the narrow LED fog lamps between the square bars of the lower grille. A new tubular insert in the radiator grille emphasizes the narrower and wider footprint of the front apron’s other design elements. On the side, the Range Rover has received flush door handles and a new fuel filler cap.

The rear has undergone significant changes, making JLR’s flagship model unconventional and somewhat futuristic. In preparation for a zero-emissions future, the designers have done away with the exposed tailpipes. The lower part of the tailgate glass has a smooth surface and the outer section is rounded. There’s a gloss black full-width bezel with Range Rover inscription in the center, and this bezel is associated with very thin taillights. A new bumper design with thin skid plates and slim fog lamps/light reflectors is a no-brainer. It highlights the slimmer design of the new model.

In addition to the rear lights, two shark fin antennas on the roof slightly polarize the rear of the all-new Range Rover. Whether out of awe or shock, its unusual design on the stern catches all eyes.

Design of all new Range Rover EV

Land Rover has created an excellent foundation for Range Rover Electric. With a surprisingly clean and aerodynamic body, it’s unlikely there will be any major changes here. Expect aerodynamics to be the only real change, with shut-off/fake grills, unique bumpers and redesigned wheels.

Range Rover customers generally prefer understated styling, and McGovern’s team won’t tip the balance with a stereotypically distinct EV signature. The electric Range Rover needs some subtle design cues to let the world know where the brand is headed in its evolution. In addition, we didn’t replace the slightly cleaner, but equally sophisticated grille (some might even believe) with a square mesh pattern. Subtle exclusives at the front include a royal blue V-frame for the finely punched out upper radiator grille and matching color metal slats above the underbody protection.

A signature side graphic on the side features contrasting blue highlights. The chunky multi-spoke alloy wheels have a special aerodynamic design without disturbing the firm and purposeful stance. Electric flaps secure charging connections for electric vehicles. The roof is configurable in blue, evident from EV-specific highlights elsewhere on the exterior.

Land Rover may offer an EV-specific body paint for the Range Rover Electric, but the interior is likely to remain largely the same. Expect new eco-friendly recycled materials to be part of the material mix. Of course, the graphics and menus in instrument clusters and infotainment systems can be represented in many different ways.

JLR North American CEO Joe Eberhardt told AutoNews on May 7, 2022 that customers are looking forward to a three-row seat version of the Range Rover. The CEO expects 60% of US orders to be short-wheelbase versions and 40% to be long-wheelbase SUVs. The majority of long-wheelbase vehicles are expected to have a three-row seating configuration. Additionally, Eberhardt explained that his three-row SUV, whose seats can be folded down to expand its trunk space, is the most viable option. Land Rover is unlikely to ignore their needs in electric vehicles, as it is clear that many customers prefer its third row of seats.

Interior of Range Rover EV

The all-new Range Rover interior looks familiar, but everything has been completely redesigned. Some may be disappointed by the bizarre construction of the two-spoke steering wheel. A significantly larger screen should make using the infotainment system more comfortable and enjoyable for most, if not all, front seat occupants. JLR uses the Pivi Pro touchscreen infotainment system, with a curved floating 13.3-inch screen. This is the largest Land Rover touchscreen ever. In Land Rover, the new Central Display provides haptic feedback when the screen is touched or pressed for unobtrusive use.

Unlike the tilting display on its predecessor, the all-new Range Rover’s new center display is a fixed unit, but comes standard with a better angle and requires no adjustment. This is partly because the dashboard doesn’t tilt as much. The new central display has an improved aspect ratio for better readability. There is no secondary center display as the primary display itself is large enough.

A semi-floating, all-digital 13.7-inch instrument cluster works in sync with the Pivi Pro system. The new climate control panel is more conventional. The electronic gear selector is a new, shorter and more compact unit that adheres to the new simplified design theme. Rear-seat passengers can chat on the 11.4-inch adjustable HD touchscreen. An 8-inch touchscreen on the rear center armrest allows seat position controls and other adjustments to fine-tune the rear-seat environment. For the first time, customers can set up a Range Rover as a 7-seater.

Powertrain of Range Rover EV

The Range Rover Electric will get a powertrain developed jointly with the BMW Group. In June 2019, Jaguar Land Rover partnered with a German automaker to co-develop the next generation electric powertrain (EDU). However, each company plans to manufacture separately for each model. JLR will manufacture electric powertrain systems at its Engine Manufacturing Center (EMC) in Wolverhampton. Does it have something to do with the 5th generation BMW eDrive in the iX and i4? probably. But its relevance to the advanced sixth-generation BMW eDrive that will be on its Neue Klasse models from 2025 onwards is questionable.

The battery used in the Electric Range Rover may be from Envision AESC. The Financial Times reports that Envision AESC will open a new battery plant for Nissan in Sunderland, UK, but is also in talks to supply batteries to Jaguar Land Rover. However, neither company has officially disclosed such developments.

With JLR planning six Land Rover EVs alone and Jaguar EV models, potential battery needs could require its own facility to manufacture high-performance batteries. Manufacturing facilities in Spain and Hungary are also being considered if the deal goes through, but a second factory could also be based in the UK.

AspectRange Rover Electric Specification (Expected)
Battery Pack Capacity100-110 kWh
Drivetrain LayoutAWD
No. of MotorsTwo
PowerUp to 530 hp
TorqueUp to 750 lb.-ft.
EPA-est. Range275-300 miles
Peak Charging Power11 kW (AC)/200 kW (DC)
Least Charging Time10 hours (10-100% SoC, AC)/35 minutes (10-80%, DC)

Pricing of Range Rover EV

The all-new Range Rover P440e plug-in hybrid variant retails for $108,400 in the US. Prices for the all-electric variant could start at around $130,000.

In February 2021, during his Q&A session after JLR outlined its new direction, one analyst questioned whether he considered the Range Rover BEV a priority and the risks associated with demand and profitability. In response, British luxury carmaker Thierry Bolloré has hinted that both the Range Rover Sport EV and Range Rover Electric will be profitable models.

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