Climate keeper unavailable due to system fault, How to solve climate keeper issue in Tesla in 2024 ?

The error message “Climate Keeper is unavailable due to system malfunction” is commonly caused by a firmware malfunction. To effectively resolve this issue, it is recommended to update your firmware to the latest version available. Updating the firmware to the most recent version is the most effective solution for resolving this problem.

To reboot the Climate Keeper in your Tesla, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Deactivate the climate control system.
  2. Unlock the trunk of your vehicle.
  3. Restart the Tesla by turning it off and then on again.
  4. Locate the top panel inside the trunk, which covers the windshield wiper fluid cap, and remove it.
  5. Open the passenger side of the rear door and use a 10mm socket wrench to disconnect the 12V Battery connector from the post.
  6. If you want to avoid complications later, ensure all the seatbelts in the back seats are securely tightened.
  7. Slide your hand under the seats to release the clamps holding them down, and lift the seats.
  8. Remove the foam cover from the wire harness.
  9. Unplug and detach the wire harness. You may hear some noise from the connectors during this step.

If you are unable to use the climate controller in your Tesla, it could be due to a problem with the heat pump. This issue affects the temperature control and heating functionality of the vehicle. The root cause seems to be faulty temperature and humidity sensors, which are essential for proper operation of the heating system. Tesla service centers are aware of this issue, but more proactive measures are needed to address the repairs.

In cold weather conditions, it can be risky to drive without a functioning windshield defroster and working heat in your Tesla.

Here are alternative methods to reseat your Climate Keeper:

To begin, start by unplugging all devices connected to the USB port in your Tesla. Although the exact reason for this solution is unclear, it is a common troubleshooting step that should be attempted first when rebooting the Tesla Climate Control.

In addition, while your phone is undergoing a reboot, disconnect the Bluetooth connection. This step is worthwhile as a faulty connection can sometimes interfere with the software and lead to connectivity problems.

Some more alternative ways to resolve this issue of “Climate keeper unavailable due to system fault”

To ensure that your Climate Control restarts properly, you can reset your trip computers by navigating to Controls > Trips > Reset. This is particularly helpful if you have accumulated a significant amount of trip data over time. Additionally, deleting some saved destinations from memory (Navigate -> Swipe right to delete a location) can also be beneficial.

While Tesla Mobile Service is typically responsible for handling reboots like this, if you reside far from a service location or have no access to mobile technology, you can attempt this technique on your own. However, it is essential to proceed with caution.

If basic troubleshooting doesn’t resolve the issue, it is recommended to contact a Tesla service facility for further assistance or to schedule a service appointment. Hardware or software issues may require attention from Tesla’s specialized technicians.

In case the problem persists even after a hard reset, you can consider reaching out to Tesla Roadside Assistance at 0800-005-431. They might be able to provide manual assistance or access the car remotely to address the problem.

After the Tesla Climate Keeper (Control) has been repaired, you will notice significant changes:

Initially, it may be discovered that the AC system had no refrigerant due to a faulty seal in one of the AC lines, resulting in refrigerant leakage. Skilled Tesla technicians typically spend around 4 hours diagnosing and fixing the issue before reactivating the system.

Once the repair is complete, you will have various climate control options at your disposal, including the ability to turn the system on and off. Moreover, you may observe that the system remains operational for longer periods without automatically turning off. Additionally, you may notice a change in the airflow arrows, as they might now indicate “blue” when the temperature is set to “low,” indicating that the AC is actively running—a feature that you might not have experienced before the repair.

That’s all for solving “Climate keeper unavailable due to system fault” issue in Tesla.

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