Revamped Of Tesla Model X And Tesla Model S , What We Can Expect ?

Tesla has been giving out some of the best electric cars updates, so far in the electric vehicle market. Now, there are leaked documents in the internet, that the Tesla’s Flagship electric car which are Model X and Model S are getting redesigned, and you should definitely be excited for this upgrade. So in this article we will discuss about the leaks that we have got for the revamped of Model X and Model S.

According to insideev, the leaked document had that Tesla is working on the big updates to their Model S and Model X, which will include their new interior and exterior look. We might be the new model with the Palladium battery and the improved Ranges.

The leaked document had that ,Tesla has been reportedly working on new battery cell called 4680, which will be lot cheaper and more efficient to produce, which might also lead to the decrease in the price of the electric car.

The document also mentioned a new Variant of Model Y, which might include a third row of seats, and a new Plaid version of Model S, which will come with the tri-motor setup and will have the faster acceleration that the previous model

We might get to hear this update officially soon. So should you be excited for this upgrade , main problems with electric cars its battery and range, and with this document we can see tesla are working to make their cars even better with great battery and great performance and range.

So this was some leaks that we found in the Documents.

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